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The synergy between instructor and manager

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The success of the mini-basket center depends from this.

In order to assura a good basis for the start and to have a successful mini-basket center, the collaboration between the manager and the instructor has to be complete. In fact, if the aims and the enthusiasm between this two persons are shared, the mini-basket center will get a lot of advantages

It is necessary to distinguish the roles in order to avoid overlapping of invasion of the respective areas. The manager must verify that his own staff of instructors (coordinated by the Instructor of the mini-basked center) operates following the interests of the kid, of his motory development and that follow the indication given by the mini-basket sector of the basketball Federation.
Moreover he must verify that all the instructors are qualified according to what has been established by the rules and must be always updated according the the “Compulsory Update Plan” for the current and previous seasons. He must also coordinate the activities regarding enrollments, membership and organization of other activities to improve the offer

The instructor must be above all an EDUCATOR, inside and outside the field, must always set the good example; he must educate the kids from the motory, technical and moral point of view; he must know hoe to communicate in a positive way with the kids, with the referees, with the parents and inculcate the principles of education, of correctness and sport loyalty.

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you win games but to build the basis of the athletes of tomorrow. The essential characteristic for a good instructor is Patience.

Don’t educate the kids, in the various disciplines, using the force but using the play so that you can also better observe which if the natural disposition of everybody (Plato).


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