Hi. I tried, after having received a suggestion by some educators and based on the experiences of other colleagues, to plan the lessons for the younger players, working very much on the emotional stimulus

A method that catalyzes the attention of the kids is the “open” lesson, where kids take out from a box the various games that will build up the lesson. As all the lessons, it has to be prepared before and must have a guiding principle (ex. the circus, the world of fire, etc.) and the games must be easy to realize to reach the objectives that we want to reach in order to reach the final aim of the lesson, even if the games are done randomly

It is important to keep the attention of the kids, letting them as an active part when the games have to be chosen.

The preparation: we begin with the drawing up of the normal lesson that must have an history as a guiding principle. This is the most difficult part because we need to find an item that catches the attention of the kids and thus we must inform us on what they like, on which cartoons they see, if there are more boys of girls.

The games don’t need an excessive preparation so to avoid deadlocks and to interrupt the lesson

Once the exercise are prepared, we create some small papers with the title of the game: also here we must be aware to the names used since they must be short, stimulate the fantasy and fit to the kids (avoid long names and difficult words).

We should prepare much more exercises than the time we have (in this way we can accelerate the intensity so to push the kids to make more games).

We should prepare some papers with the “Final Game”, maybe with some stripes with different colours so to modify the lesson. Example: we prepare 10 GREEN papers (where there are the games linked to the activation), 10 YELLOW papers (games with specific aims) and 10 RED papers (final games). In this way we can begin the lesson telling to the kids to draw out the GREEN papers, than the YELLOW ones and finally the last one with RED color.

It is fundamental also the MAGIC BOX, that must be colored, and to remind the item of the lesson: if the item is “CIRCUS”, on the box we should draw a colored tent or a clown face.

I hope to have given some useful hint.

Following you can see an example developed by Luciano Gaia (Educator for Lombardia region) that you can see this video


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